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Our Upcoming Events & Activities



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6 weeks of program

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It’s is a six-week, full-day summer learning program of academics and enrichment activities aimed at helping your Bear Buddy have fun and avoid summer learning loss. Powered by excellent Horizons National curriculum, SPROG will help your Bear Buddy improve in reading and math, learn to swim, and gain the skills to start the new school year with confidence. We’re asking for a $2,000 donation to cover the cost for your Bear Buddy for the summer.




June 10-July 19, 2019

No programs July 4th


Summer Program


  • Six-weeks: June 10 – July 19
  • Academics to eliminate the “summer slide”
    • 5:1 Student/Teacher Ratio
    • Reading Specialist guiding literacy learning
    • Certified Teachers with creative, hands-on learning
    • Assistant Teachers
    • Interns/Volunteers
  • Culture and Social Enrichment to broaden horizons
  • Field Excursions to experience the world
  • Swim Lessons to build life skills and confidence




Our News & Announcements

Expanding with Horizons

SPROG is excited to expand its program: first, by moving from Grace Episcopal Church to Kirkwood High School, so we can serve more children and provide on-campus swimming lessons during the six-week program; and also by partnering with Horizons National to bring Horizons’ award-winning program to the students of Kirkwood, which will enhance curriculum, increase the supports provided to students, and integrate data to demonstrate student outcomes.


An Exciting Partnership for Kirkwood Youth

SPROG looks forward to implementing Horizons’ proven model to help students achieve consistent summer gains in reading and math of approximately 8-12 weeks, as compared to the typical 8-12 week loss experienced by most children from low-income households. Like SPROG, Horizons is funded entirely by private philanthropy, and relies on the support of partnerships throughout the community.

Partnering with Horizons will allow SPROG to serve more Kirkwood students, while creating a stronger base of support in and around the St. Louis area that will enable the program to continue providing educational opportunities for years to come. Every student learns to swim, engages in new curriculum, and becomes part of a robust and stable learning community. SPROG students are bright, eager, and deserving of these experiences, and we believe our partnership with Horizons will only enhance the strong foundations SPROG has built in our community.





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