Become a Bear Buddy

What is the bear buddies club?

By joining, you’ll cover 100% of the cost of SPROG for a local student – your Bear Buddy – who otherwise might not be able to participate this summer.

What is SPROG?

It’s is a six-week, full-day summer learning program of academics and enrichment activities aimed at helping your Bear Buddy have fun and avoid summer learning loss. Powered by excellent Horizons National curriculum, SPROG will help your Bear Buddy improve in reading and math, learn to swim, and gain the skills to start the new school year with confidence. We’re asking for a $2,000 donation to cover the cost for your Bear Buddy for the summer.

Here’s how to join:

Simply fill out the form below.

Or contact our Director, Angela Brooks, at (314) 821-3477 or e-mail, and we’ll help get you started.

SPROG will match you with your Bear Buddy, who will receive a teddy bear gift with your special “Take Care of This Bear” message attached.

You will receive periodic updates about your Bear Buddy’s experience at SPROG, and make a BEARRRRY positive impact!



SPROG merges our local operation with our national organization and collaborates with our local school district. All have similar missions.

SPROG: Academic programming to help close opportunity and achievement gap

Horizons National: High-quality learning experience that supports academic achievement and healthy youth development

Kirkwood School District: Equity for All - All students will achieve at high levels