Sprog's mission

Building bigger futures for youth through transformative summer experiences.

We build bigger futures through:

​​Academic programming that helps close the achievement gap

Cultural experiences that broaden horizons

Fitness and nutrition that build healthy bodies​

Life skills classes that teach finances, teamwork, and communication

Service projects that build leadership and productive citizens

Engaging with schools to create a year-round continuum of service

Equipping parents to contribute to their child’s success

Job skills opportunities that launch great career trajectories


SPROG merges our local operation with our national organization and collaborates with our local school district. All have similar missions.

SPROG: Academic programming to help close opportunity and achievement gap

Horizons National: High-quality learning experience that supports academic achievement and healthy youth development

Kirkwood School District: Equity for All - All students will achieve at high levels


SPROG Board Members

Robert West, President
Marie Kelly
Dave Garino
Andy Miller
Alan Ranford, Board Member, Emeritus
Michelle Knudsen
Arthur McDonnell
Diane Moffitt
Angie Bernardi

Angela Brooks, Executive Director

SPROG’s History

Meacham Park was faced with many problems including high unemployment and a high rate of its young men getting into trouble and becoming a part of the juvenile justice system. William “Bill” Jones, a long-time resident of the area, mobilized a group of local adults who agreed to assist with employment and to provide transportation to and from work for these young people.

Grateful for the support they received from their “Sponsors”, on August 10, 1970, these youth met to form their group, SPROG. Their goal was to plan activities for the younger children of Meacham Park. The program was initially designed for young men but it wasn’t long before the program expanded to include young ladies, boys and girls. Over the years, we have touched thousands of young people’s lives.

Remembering our Founder

SPROG remembers former Board Member, Robert “Joe” Heggie, who passed away February 5, 2017.  Joe was a supporter of SPROG for many years.  He successfully chaired the SPROG Trivia Night for three years.  We offer our condolence to his wife Mary Etta, sons and entire family. 

SPROG also remembers former Board Member and supporter, Michael Richter, who passed February 6, 2017.  Our condolence to his wife, Barbara, children and entire family.

About Horizons

Horizons successfully closes gaps in opportunity so students from low-income families can live empowered, choice-filled lives. Educating the whole child is the core of Horizons, driven by a belief that young people thrive best in a community of support that integrates the life skills necessary for long-term success. As children grow from kindergarten through high school, Horizons’ out-of-school time academic and enrichment programs transform young lives by providing a safe and encouraging space for kids to explore their potential. Across the country, Horizons students acquire the joy of learning, the skills for success, and the inspiration to imagine and achieve their dreams.  Horizons National www.horizonsnational.org 

Our Upcoming Events & Activities



Please register now  to be included in the 2019 Summer

6 weeks of program

Event Info

It’s is a six-week, full-day summer learning program of academics and enrichment activities aimed at helping your Bear Buddy have fun and avoid summer learning loss. Powered by excellent Horizons National curriculum, SPROG will help your Bear Buddy improve in reading and math, learn to swim, and gain the skills to start the new school year with confidence. We’re asking for a $2,000 donation to cover the cost for your Bear Buddy for the summer.




June 10-July 19, 2019

No programs July 4th


Summer Program


  • Six-weeks: June 10 – July 19
  • Academics to eliminate the “summer slide”
    • 5:1 Student/Teacher Ratio
    • Reading Specialist guiding literacy learning
    • Certified Teachers with creative, hands-on learning
    • Assistant Teachers
    • Interns/Volunteers
  • Culture and Social Enrichment to broaden horizons
  • Field Excursions to experience the world
  • Swim Lessons to build life skills and confidence